Rendering Workflow

The importance of pre-trial

The rendering or final yield is the last step in the process of defining the picture, always followed and shared with the customer. That is the reason why every step of the pre-trial is essential to success of the final work.

[one_half]Acquisition of the product information
Briefing with the customer in order to gain information on the product and on the IT equipment (3D models, CAD, designs, etc.)

Layout definition
Creation – if not available – of the layout of the pictures (location, colours, frame).

3D modelling of the scene and necessary items
Focus on the 3D modelling of the scenario, the product (if needed), and furniture components.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]Definition of materials
Texture acquisition through the scanning or photographs and preparation of materials.

Lights set-up
Setting up of the lights on the virtual scene.

Rendering generation
Calculation of the intermediate monitoring crafts and of the final yield at very high resolution.

Post production
Final photo retouching, setting colours and contrasts.[/one_half_last]