Catalogues and brochures

Catalogues, books, and business monographs implementation

For many businesses the catalogue is the main vehicle to show and sell products. That is why every catalogue – technical or not – requires an important focus from the beginning. You need to manage everything carefully: the pictures of the product, the location, the scheduling of contents, consistency and clarity, and the easy-to-use aspect.

[one_half]Graphic project
Visual creativity and communication: cover, layout, chromatic shades and fonts.

Choice of materials
Weight of paper, binding, additional processing and printing techniques.

Drafting texts
Texts’ handwriting, revision of existing ones, handling translations for the company profile, institutional texts and contents with information on the product and datasheets.

Iconic search
Research and acquisition of advertising pictures and illustrations through specific databases (royalty free or royalty managed).

Still life, glamour, location, industry: the quality of the pictures is vital for an effective catalogue.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]Photo retouching
Editing of images, rendering or illustration and optimization for the typographic printing.

Inclusion of textual contents and photographs in the layout.

Implementation of print executive according to the technical characteristics agreed with the typography.

Print management
Management of each print process in coordination with the typography and the customer in order to achieve the maximum effect: cyan, cromalin, machinery starting up, packaging.[/one_half_last]