Brands and Logos

Brands and logos design and restyling

Immediate identification, graphic mark, symbol that communicates value and speaks directly to the subconscious: the logo is the aim of the business. On this basis we build our suggestions in the search for simplicity, but mostly the meaning of the graphic mark.

Creation of the name for a new company, for a brand, for a product line or a specific product.

Brand – logo
Creation of the graphic mark and lettering to build the company logo – or brand.

Simplification, modernization and revision of a brand, a logo and therefore a related image.[/one_half] [one_half_last]Searching for names and brands
Searching for the availability of a brand (name and graphic mark) and registration at national, international and Community level.

Corporate identity
Use of the brand and the corporate identity in all media: printed paper, internet, videos, exhibitors, etc.

Handbook on corporate identity
Tool for internal use of a company and its branch which explain the applications and the rules to use every component of a corporate identity.[/one_half_last]